Asphalt Maintenance – A Wise Investment

Asphalt maintenance is an investment in your facility that provides serviceability and enhances the appearance of your property. One of the first rules to keeping up your curb appeal is maintaining a clean and safe environment. The Harding Group maintenance team provides all parking lot maintenance services required to sustain high serviceability and to maximize the useful life of existing asphalt pavements.

Crack Sealing

Splitting and cracking pavement is not uncommon, especially in areas of constantly changing weather. Freezing and thawing weather patterns, sun and moisture can all cause compressive stress which leads to crack growth.  We employ only state-of-the-art asphalt crack sealing methods that get all aspects of your parking lot or sidewalk looking and feeling as good as new.

Using compressed air, we clean out each cracked area, apply a hot liquid sealing material and then blend the sealant with its surrounding surface using a smoothing tool. From the sub-base and base levels to the visible portion of your pavement, we make sure that the moisture gets out and stays out indefinitely.

Seal Coating

Sealing your pavement not only maintains the curb appeal of your business; it also maintains your actual parking lot as well. Sealcoating your pavement is a simple process that usually only requires two days to complete.

Our quality method involves applying a superior sealcoat consisting of asphalt cement or coal-tar pitch combined with inert fillers and other additives. To do this, our experienced team carefully spreads on the asphalt sealcoating and guarantees a professional, even surface.

Striping/Pavement Marking

Trying to figure out where to park can not only be a hassle to your customers but a possible safety issue for them and a legal issue for you. Having quality asphalt striping performed by our professional team at the Harding Group ensures proper pavement marking and a safe, effective parking lot.

With our exceptional striping services, we offer the marking and taping of both exterior and interior surfaces. Some of these surfaces include parking lots in schools, residential communities, car dealerships, restaurants and hospitals as well as the interior accommodations of industrial districts, distribution centers and commercial warehouses.

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