Harding Group Asphalt Repair Services

If you are in or around the Indianapolis area, we specialize in commercial and industrial asphalt repair near you.  


If your parking lot has seen better days, it may be time for a complete asphalt resurfacing. Our professional service gives you a brand-new overlay that not only provides the curb appeal you want for your business but also brings long-lasting durability to your parking lot.


Sealing your pavement not only maintains the curb appeal of your business; it also maintains your actual parking lot as well.  Our quality method involves applying a superior sealcoat consisting of asphalt cement or coal-tar pitch combined with inert fillers and other additives. To do this, our experienced team carefully spreads on the asphalt sealcoating and guarantees a professional, even surface.


Hot-mix asphalt – requires a temperature of at least 40 degrees F to properly adhere to the edges of the pavement
Cold-mix asphalt – cold mix asphalt can be used at low temperatures and is a temporary fix until hot-mix asphalt can be used

Infrared Repair

Utilizing this cutting-edge infrared technology we are able to achieve exceptional results with minimal heat applied to the pavement. The greatest draw to infrared asphalt repair is its ability to mix new asphalt in with the old, effectively repairing the damaged area without a full resurfacing. The process involves: 1.) heating the surface area to a low temperature for around 10 minutes depending upon existing conditions, 2.) raking the region to remove any other loose aggregate that has  come up while applying a rejuvenator into the pavement, and 3.) spreading on and grading additional asphalt into the existing tarmac for a smooth, professional finish.

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