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Decorative/Residential Concrete Division 

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Change the way you think about your concrete patio. It is no longer just that slab outside your back door that keeps your feet out of the mud. It is your outdoor living area which deserves as much thought and planning as your interior. Concrete literally sets the stage for all of your outdoor entertaining.

Harding Group employs the best in the business to professionally design your outdoor space using cutting-edge 3-D computer software. This allows more visual clients to see exactly what they are getting. Gone are the days when clients needed to take a gamble on contractors saying, “Trust me, it will look great.” We’ve heard people say, “We just went with our gut.” We know they spent the next summer repeating excuses their low-bid contractors memorized.

We engineer every structural element and design, every aesthetic detail. Our staff consists of career decorative concrete finishers with decades of experience. We are at the forefront of the industry developing new techniques and challenging ourselves to continuously improve. Our unparalleled attention, use of superior tools and materials and expert craftsmen add value to your property unmatched by any of our competitors.

We remove decks and pavers all the time to install stamped concrete. Decks splinter and bow, whether stained or sealed. Pavers settle, grow weeds and create insect habitats. Make the smart choice: pick stamped concrete. Sure, it needs to be sealed every couple of years to maintain that new look, but we’ve got people who’ve not touched their concrete since it was installed and are still happy with it years later. If you want the best stamped concrete, call Harding Group.


We custom design your patio to suit your needs. Here are a few reasons why Harding Group should be your first choice in your outdoor patio needs:

  • Utilities can be put in the correct place at the correct time.
  • We survey your site and home to create a perfect fit.
  • Know what you are getting prior to signing a contract.
  • If you want a one-of-a-kind outdoor space with your preferences, we can provide it.
  • Your exterior should be as well thought out as your interior.
  • We don’t create wasted space.
  • We design a complete, cohesive outdoor setting that blends with the existing environment. 


Our reputation for quality and our clients’ word-of-mouth promoting sustain us.

  • We have a plan and use lasers, squares and tape measures to ensure it is accurate.
  • We blend efficiency with productivity to attain consistent quality.
  • Our crews are passionate about their work and strive for every job to be their best.
  • We literally build on your property through our artistry.


We pledge to respect you, your property and each participant in our process.

  • We love our work and want to create an enjoyable experience for our clients.
  • Our goal is to align enhancements of your property with your expectations.
  • We realize reputation takes years to build and can be lost in an instant, so our crews are built upon foundations of character.